Plastic for food or a dose of education?

Recently, UN Environment released the initiative Clean Seas, and one of its release posters mentioned that until 2050 we can have more plastic than fish at the ocean!

Then, this made me think (with a good dose of irony) of how good it would be if we – these advanced beings – could have evolved to the point of eating plastic as food, right?

Beyond that, I have decided to talk a bit about how we could make something to minimize this dramatic situation. Down below, a little and simple list:

Example 1: You can stop using straws, after all, you are able to drink by the cup (have faith);

Example 2: Have you ever tried to stop using plastic bags at the supermarket? Do you know there are chains that offer cardboard boxes for free? Just ask!

Example 3: You can always have a mug or a squeeze with you (what is more convenient to women), or if it is not possible, “adopt” a single plastic cup per day (Try to draw a happy face on it… Soon you two will get along just fine =)).

Example 4: Put forth a waste separation at home, gathering the recyclable material and donating them to a collector that can come pick them up once a week! Just ask his or her name and set it up!

See? Now we have pretty simple solutions around here! You just need to put in practice!!!!

Then, come later at the comments section and feel free to share your experiences.

To know more about the research…


(Photo: © Algalita Marine Research Foundation)

Original text in portuguese:

Translation: Caio Túlio Costa

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